September 14th, 2007

Index of documentation for the third weekend campaign



Umber Tales: Of Dorves and Hunds (08/24/2007): Opa Skarp talks of ancient myths and hidden realities. (sab)
The Preserver and the Avangion (10/01/2007): Two unspeakably old individuals watch the world go by. (ler)
Roses in Tyr (11/09/2007): Skarp’s offspring travel to Tyr to embark on an impossible quest for the desert dwarf Barunus. (ler)
Mice in the Walls (07/30/2009): The plans of Kalak, ruler of Tyr, to turn himself into a dragon king come to the moment of fruition or failure. (ler)
Dragons in the Sky (08/18/2009): The apparently successful assassination of Kalak takes an unexpected and unpleasant turn. (ler)
I Am… (08/24/2009): A tower rises out in the sands of the desert as the elemental forces of Earth celebrate the first of their champions to survive out of Opa Skarp’s care. (ler)
A Paladin (08/27/2009): Mahlanda tries to puzzle out the meaning of paladinhood. (ler)


The Kazoos of War (08/27/2009): Treachery abounds as Opa Skarp’s brood struggles to help King Tithian of Tir raise an army. (ler)
The Lull (08/27/2009): The young people deal with civic restlessness in the face of war, and Mahlanda learns something about her mentor. (ler)
Cat and Mouse (10/07/2009): Klavicus watches the war’s first skirmishes and makes his way toward an assignation of his own. (ler)
Deer in the Desert (10/30/2009): Tir’s commander Rikus sets Skarp’s youths an impossible task. (ler)


Following in Haunted Footsteps (11/12/2009): On the way to Urik, the adventurers are waylaidby an unexpected enemy. (ler)
A Sword’s Life, or Po’s Death (11/16/2009): Po attempts to imbue Reign’s exhausted sword of Camelok with renewed power. (sab)
Camelok (11/16/2009): Zane recovers some of the tragic history of the sword of Camelok. (sab)
Reborn (11/20/2009): Po reforges the sword with the power of his will, and his action resonates in Spinecastle itself. (sab, jb)
Sea Change (12/17/2009): Klavicus undertakes a ritual that will, if successful, have profound consequences both worldly and personal. (ler)
Adrift on Strange Tides (01/04/2010): A supposedly secret rite suddenly has too much company for comfort, and Klavicus removes himself – and Skarp’s children – to a more private place. (ler)
Rebirth (01/21/2010): The rite interrupted, Klavicus hovers between life and death, between balor and…something else. (ler)
Recovery (01/28/2010): Thanks to Opa Skarp’s brood Klavicus survives, to begin the slow process of coming to terms with what he has become. (ler)

The Underdark

Underworld (04/27/2010): The paladins survive a vicious storm and discover a hidden world. (ler)
Underdark (07/24/2010): Hanen finds out how strange his new world is, Mahlanda how strange the old one was. (ler)
Legacy (08/03/2010): The adventurers penetrate deeper into the Underdark in search of the missing Unspoken, and Sugar Primrose and Kerac pull the multiverse a little closer. (ler)
Uncertain Futures (12/19/2010): Sugar Primrose ponders a radical change; she and her companions run a cruel gauntlet created in honor of Baphomet. (ler)
Old Worlds and New (01/05/2011): Reunited with Klavicus, Hanen tries to find his bearings; Skarp’s brood finds another fragment of the World Seed. (ler)
Flight (01/06/2011): The adventurers flee a natural disaster for which they were, in a sense responsible; Po takes a leap of faith. (ler)

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